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Rainy Day Slip-and-Fall Prevention

Are you ready for a liability claim? Even if you take certain precautions to prevent injuries at your Tennessee business premises, the possibility is ever present. Even a normal weather event like rain can increase the odds of an accident. What can you do to put the situation back in your favor?

Nonslip Mats

On rainy days, it may be typical for water to pool around your entryway. Between the rain blown in by the wind as the door opens, and the droplets that roll off customers’ coats and umbrellas, there can be a substantial liability risk. While you may not be able to stop the wind and rain, and you definitely do not want to drive off new clients, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of injuries. A few nonslip mats may do the trick – cluster them around the door to give visitors a place to remove their coats safely.

Umbrella Stand

Including a place to store wet umbrellas at your entrance is a very wise idea. You have likely seen the long trail of water a dripping umbrella can cause as a customer peruses the shelves. Slips can easily happen on wet floors. While you may usually be quick to wipe up the water, you may not have the time to chase after each visitor with a towel to clean the mess if your shop gets busy. A simple umbrella stand could solve this issue.

A single accident due to a wet floor has the potential of costing your business several thousand dollars, between medical bills and legal expenses. Work to minimize the risk in your workplace, and talk to one of our agents about the right level of liability coverage for your business.