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Preventing Stair-Related Injuries

Tennessee is more than the home of country music. It is also a state full of small businesses, some of which may be struggling in this economy. A single liability suit could bankrupt a business without the proper insurance. In addition to obtaining liability coverage, you should also do what you can to prevent accidents at your business. The stairway is a common location for falls, trips, and slips – how can you prevent such incidents?

• Painting the edge of each step a contrasting color helps pull the eye to it.

• Installing a handrail on both sides of the stairwell is a vital step to reducing injuries.

• You should think about adding anti-slip treads on every step.

• Increasing the lighting in the area may help customers place their feet correctly.

• On rainy days, you should post wet floor signs at the top and bottom of the stairs.

• By keeping the stairs free of boxes and other clutters, you could reduce the chance of customers tripping.

You may want to consider mounting cameras along the stairway to ensure any incidents are caught on tape for legal purposes. For businesses that experience multiple incidents related to the stairwells on the premises, it may be wise to consider closing off access, except during emergencies. If an accident does occur, it is vital you notify your insurance provider as soon as possible.