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Testimonial – 458

For over 50 years the entire Wakefield family has had the pleasure of doing business with the Smith family and the folks at Smith-Berclair and
they have always treated us like family. About 6 months ago, my brother Ricky had a house fire. A few minutes after the Collierville Fire Dept
arrived on the scene, I called Stan & Kenny to see what the insurance procedure was – within twenty minutes of my call, they showed up at the
scene and stayed with my brother & sister-in-law for hours, walking them through the process. I was not at all surprised that they did this, because
for 51 years they have been there for my entire family, always comforting and guiding us thru automobile accidents and house fires. Great people!

I haven’t worried about insurance issues since I was 16 years old. Nobody should! Smith-Berclair is the best!